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Want to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your engagement and sales?

If so, you only need quality and professional Explainer Videos for your Video Marketing Campaign to communicate your message and grow your business!.

Video StyleS

We have three video styles for you to choose from:


2D Animation

Motion Graphics

Differences between 2D Animation and Motion Graphics

2D Animation

Motion Graphics

Includes animated characters Includes on-screen text combined with shapes and sometimes images
A major visual component of storytelling is the utilization of characters that viewers often find relatable. the main purpose is to create visually stimulating animations that are geared to grab attention.

OUR Service Packages


Need longer videos?

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Why videoaro is the best for you?


No Hidden Fee

We have price on every package. Even you need longer videos, we provide you a quote and you just pay that amount with the same requirement. So you don’t need to worry about extra payment.


No Frustration

We have our own process which is really easy for you as customers to understand. After you sign the contract with us, we always send you a detailed guide that you can follow easily

Professional Team

We have many 2D Animators and Graphics Designers with at least 10 years experience in this field. We have made hundreds of Explainer Videos for our clients.


Effective Communication

Whether you use our services or not, we are always open for any conversation, questions and ideas. You can contacts us by chat, by email or Contact Page.

And Have 500+ Happy Customers Worldwide


why video marketing campaign works?

Statistics below come from many research from big Marketing companies

percent of internet traffic will be video by 2022 (Cisco)

percent of conversion rate increase for landing page with videos (Unbound)

Minutes per day are spent to watch Youtube (comscore)

percent of internet users now watch videos on Facebook (emarketer)

percent of consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than read a product description (HubSpot)

percent of internet users look for a video before visiting a store (Google)

percent of consumers state that video “helped them make purchasing decisions” (Forbes)

percent of businesses now use video to help market their product and services (WyzOwl)

percent of marketers state that they’re happy with the ROI that they get from video ads (Animoto)

percent of marketers report that video has helped them get more customers (Animoto)

percent of marketers state that they plan on continuing using video as part of their digital marketing this year (WyzOwl)

billion hours of YouTube videos every day (YouTube)

YouTube, is the 2nd most popular website on the planet (Alexa)

About us

Need experts in making Explainer Videos to bring you MORE CLIENTS AND SALES?

Our veteran (e.g 2D Animators, Video Editors…) craft Explainer Video with you in mind, so you can DOUBLE (even TRIPLE) your sales in just a short time (Check the statistics above).

First, our team will establish your goals, next we’ll craft a custom action plan to achieve those goals and tailor bespoke your Explainer Video to meet those exact needs. You need solutions customized to your unique business needs which is why we focus on ensuring various packages and video services for every client we serve.


  • Animation – 98%
  • Motion Graphics – 95%
  • Graphics Design – 90%
  • Voice-over – 80%

OUR process

1. Choose Your Package

Let’s your business skyrocket!

You will choose the package that most suits you and decide on the video style you need. Here are the video styles:


  • Explainer Video
  • Tutorial Video
  • Educational Video
  • Commercial Video

2. Answer The Questionnaire

After receiving your payment, we will send you a link with questionnaire. The questionnaire helps us to understand you ideas and needs so we can create the video based on your answers.

3. Stage 1: Script-writing

When we receive your questionnaire answers, we start to write a professional script immediately based on your answers. We will send you the script for feedback and approval.

4. Stage 2: Storyboarding

After your script approval, we craft a storyboard to illustrate what your video will look like before we animate. Color, fonts, and other elements will be finalized in this stage.

5. Stage 3: Voice-over

After getting storyboard approval from you, we then begin to record voice-over with engaging and experienced voice actors based on your language and accent preferences.

6. Stage 4: Animation

After you approve the voice-over, the most important process will begin, ANIMATION. It will take at least one week to finish this process, depending on the video length. Please note that background music, sound effects will be created in the phase too.

7. Get Your High-quality Video


Your video is ready and delivered to you via email. 

Our expert team will provide you with a high-quality explainer video that brings you more engagement, clients, and sales.

Let’s your business skyrocket!

Our portfolio

Check out our latest Explainer and other types of video services

From Our Clients

It takes a lot to build my confidence and surprise me… VideoAro did just that. Their communication is prompt and excellent which is the foundation for all successful projects AND secondly, the quality of work was a 10! THANK YOU VIDEOARO FOR BEING SO PROFESSIONAL… IT’S HARD TO FIND!!!

Eskil Paden

We are extremely satisfied with the result. We got great 2D animation which explains all aspects of our service to our potential clients. Communication was easy and smart. All edits were made in a short time. We got support during all processes. We can recommend working with this agency and will continue collaborating with them.

Miguel Ángel Dobrilo

Great work and cooperation. We were new to animation, motion graphics, and video making. Working with VideoAro taught us a great deal about all of this. We hope we can use their services again in the future ( if they wants to work with us again that is ☺️ )

Monique Bradford

Let’s skyrocket your business!
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Beside Explainer Videos, we have a wide range of video services to suit your needs:


Explainer Videos

These are short videos that help to illustrate complex ideas in simple, engaging, and meaningful ways. They are best for generate leads, reduce bounce rates, foster brand awareness, and increase conversions.

Tutorial Videos

These are also called How-to videos, revolved around a process, and how to accomplish it following a step-by-step format. They create interest in your products and accelerate the buying process.

Educational Videos

These are made to educate your audience by presenting their pain points (problems and interesting topics) and provide valuable information that helps them understand your solution.

Commercial Videos

These are known as ad videos which have around 10-30 seconds long. They focus on promoting your company’s products and services to raise brand awareness and conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How Do I Get Started?

Once you know which package you’d like to start with, click the ‘Get My Video’ button of your selection. You will then be directed to our payment processing page to use Visa, Mastercard, American Express or UnionPay. After purchase you will be asked to download our production guiding questionnaire, email that to info@videoaro.com and off we go!

How Does It Work?

Once you’ve placed your order and completed our questionnaire we’ll move through script, voice-over, storyboard and animation in an average period of 2 or 8 weeks depending on the package. We’ll assign a project manager to your video, who will guide you through the process in a ‘done-for-you’ manner for explainer/whiteboard packages and a ‘done-with-you’ manner for premium videos.

Is It Limited To One Video Per Customer?

No, you can order as many as you like. You can also combine multiple orders to get a longer video, so if you order 4 X 30 second packages, you may produce 1 X 120 second video or 4 x 30 second videos for example. Just let us know in the questionnaire.

What If I Don't Like The Video?

We have 4 stages of video production (Script-writing, Storyboard, Voice-over and Animation). For each stage, we will send you examples with revisions. We ONLY move to the next stage when you approve the examples which we will use to produce the final videos.

Can I Get A Longer Video?

Yes, you can order multiple 30 second packages, and can combine them into 1 video OR click “Get Your Quote” button below the price table to get your price of your desired videos. Just be sure to mention it in the questionnaire how your would like to use your seconds e.g one long video or multiple short videos etc.

How Much Content Can Fit In 30 Seconds?

A 30 second script is 75 words, so we can usually fit the following sections: Problem Definition, Solution, Call To Action. But don’t worry, if you want to make your video longer during production, we can expand the length and budget with your approval.

I Want To Talk To Someone First...

Of course! Email info@videoaro.com and we will answer any questions you may have.


Need longer videos?

Get your price in less than 30 seconds. Click “Get Your Quote” button to access the calculator.